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Tatiana Vasilieva complained of fear of unnecessaryness

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People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Tatiana Vasilieva said that she was concerned about the possible unpopularity of the profession in the future due to the fact that with age it is increasingly difficult for artists to get into the movies.

According to her, at the castings some questions of beginning directors put her in a quandary. And once she even had to go through a casting in the basement.

“I think: I’ll go to the end, I wonder to what extent you can trample and humiliate yourself if you really want to shoot. “What’s your name?” – “Tatiana Vasilieva”. “Did you finish anything?” – “School-Studio of the Moscow Art Theater”. “Have you been in a movie before?” Here are the questions! Seriously! ” – quotes her StarHit.

“It happens: no one needs you. Although you can play, you are still full of the same talent for which you were awarded earlier, only over the years you have become even more interesting. But… it happens. I really didn’t want this to happen to me, but the first signs are beginning, “she said.

Previously, plastic surgeon Vladimir Plakhotin toldwhat interference in her appearance could make unrecognizable actress Tatiana Vasilieva.

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