Tatiana Tarasova – blogger Ilya Maddison: “Racist and idiot! Who asked his opinion? ”

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The cover of Maxim magazine with Yevgeny Medvedev made a lot of noise. The girl was immediately accused of excessive candor. Blogger Ilya Maddison also didn’t like the pictures of the figure skater in lingerie, but for a completely different reason.

“I honestly don’t like Evgenia Medvedev’s face at all. If she hears it, don’t take offense. I don’t really like her face. Since she is an athlete, it is obvious that she has a good body. But looking at her figure, it is clear why she is no longer competing. She is no longer 12 years old, and her body is clearly not a 12-year-old girl. All she can do is chase her boyfriend over for a beer. Even nuns take pictures more candidly than in Maxim magazine, ”the blogger said during a broadcast on Twitch.

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Of course, Elijah’s behavior outraged many Internet users. Honored coach Tatiana Tarasova, who stood up for Yevgeny Medvedev, was not left out either.

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“Maddison is nobody to me, and Medvedev is a world champion and a real beauty. I really like her photo shoot! Did anyone ask his opinion? What’s his business? Racist and jerk. Even if you speak in favor of such an athlete as Zhenya, it is only in a respectful way! ” – confident mentor.

Earlier, Tarasova had already discussed Medvedev’s candid photo shoot. According to the coach, Zhenya is an adult, so he has the right to shoot wherever he wants. In general, Tatiana Anatolyevna often intercedes for Medvedev, never tire of admiring her diligence.

Zhenya herself has not yet reacted to the discussions of her sexy photos. The champion admitted that she dreamed of such a photo shoot, so she is glad that her wish has finally come true.

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