Tatiana Bakalchuk recommends: five books worth reading

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Tatiana Bakalchuk has repeatedly spoken about her love of books. In a conversation with RBC, she called their hobby, which is “with me from the age of five.” And in an interview with TASS rememberedthat at the beginning of the zeros in the rush to “find a goal, understand why to live” became interested in self-knowledge, astrology and fell in love with Richard Bach’s books, especially “The Seagull named Jonathan Livingston”.

Just then, at the beginning of zero, Bakalchuk’s entrepreneurial path began. Her husband Vladislav was in the business of selling computers and providing Internet access. Following his example, Tatiana also decided to become an entrepreneur. While on maternity leave, she started selling clothes from catalogs like Otto or Quelle remotely from her apartment. The couple registered the domain, and to differ from competitors, set a single 10% markup for buyers from all over the country and did not ask for a prepayment for the goods.

In the following years, the company grew actively. Since 2012, Wildberries has been included in the list of the biggest players of Runet according to Forbes, in 2018, with a fortune of $ 600 million, Tatiana Bakalchuk was included in the list of the richest businessmen in Russia for the first time. In 2021, Forbes estimated her fortune at $ 13 billion, which allowed her to rank 13th in the ranking of the 200 richest Russians and first – among the richest women in Russia.

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At the request of Forbes, Bakalchuk chose the science fiction genre at the request of Forbes. “Why I recommend: as the world is getting closer to the reality that science fiction writers described in detail around the middle of the last century, it was good to think about all the issues, problems and opportunities that this reality can bring,” she explains.

Forbes publishes a selection of books by Russia’s richest woman.

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