Tatiana Arntgoltz’s runaway husband is exhausted by hunger: “I’m getting ready for evening leeches”

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The star of the series “Kitchen” is rapidly losing weight

Mark Bogatyrev left his family a few days ago. The actor flew to the Altai to the center of medical starvation. The artist will spend a little more than a week away from home.

Mark Bogatyrev and Tatiana Arntgoltz legalized their relationship in 2020, and in the winter of 2021 their son was born Daniel. In the son, the actor does not tease the soul, however, as in his beloved. However, even the family could not keep the artist from hasty departure and forced austerity.

The actor flew to the Altai to the center of medical starvation

“I started a week-long fasting course under your sensitive attention… Here is quiet, calm, there is time to think and understand how to live further… Altai is now a safe place to rest and recover… Hunger – well ventilates the head and allows you to highlight the main… important… Similar I need austerity now… » – Mark wrote in a blog.

For Bogatyrev, such a trip to the center of medical starvation is not the first. The 37-year-old actor, who fell in love with the viewer on the series “Kitchen”, has been starving and losing weight for four days, which has caused him some sleep problems.

“I managed to lose four kilograms in four days… I think it’s great! Among the procedures I can mention my favorites: phytobarrel, rapan baths, massage and not very pleasant, but very useful “mock” (monitoring bowel cleanser)! The only thing, of course, is a night’s sleep, but this is a normal process during starvation! Getting ready for evening leeches “– shared with followers Mark.

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