Synri participated in the recording of the new single BIGBANG?

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Voice Synria notorious former participant BIGBANG, allegedly can be heard in the latest single of the group “Still Life”. Keep reading to find out all the details.

April 5 BIGBANG released the song “Still Life”, which became their first release in four years after “FLOWER ROAD”. In the song “Still Life” BIGBANG awakened memories of his youth. They sang about the childhood that everyone went through, to a gentle and beautiful melody.


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Many believe that “Still Life” is a beautiful farewell BIGBANG with fans. There are speculations that after this release the band may break up. In this regard, one detail in the song is considered special.

It’s a voice Synri.


After the song was released, observant Internet users claimed to have recognized the voice Synri in the song “Still Life”. In particular, many believe that the voice Synri can be heard on backing vocals at 1:10 minute of the song.

In this part TOP sings the line “With the morning dew, burying my anger in the past / For life».


Voice Synri supposedly you can hear him sing “So nostalgic, so nostalgic»Falsetto.

Allegations that Synri participated in the creation of the song, received further development when Genius published the lyrics to the song “Still Life” and said that and TOPand Synri sang the second verse. However, at the time of writing, the name Synri was deleted.


For most fans BIGBANG are complete only when all five participants are together. In the music video for the song “Still Life” and in the lyrics, the number five subtly symbolizes that BIGBANG started and finished with five participants. This detail warmed the hearts of fans.

And what do you think about that? Did you hear the voice? Synri in the song?

You can watch the clip on “Still Life” below:

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