Swollen, shabby, wig slipped: Malakhov’s appearance frightened the Russians

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The TV presenter was criticized for his appearance.

After Malakhov’s recent appearance on the air of his new show “Songs from the Heart” on the channel “Russia 1”, the audience had many complaints about his appearance. On social networks, they wonder why Andrei’s hair resembles a wig that has come off, and he himself is a kind of “swollen, shabby”.

“Hair looks like a wig slipped”, “Andrew, fire your hairdresser! Styling can be done differently. ”“ I think he’s freshened up, he looks great, he’s wearing spectacle frames, and the suit is sitting. Keep it up, ”social media users expressed various opinions.

Frame from the program “Songs from the whole soul” / “Russia 1”

Andrei Malakhov’s appearance regularly raises questions in the audience. Recently, for example, was discussedwhy the TV presenter has lost his usual appearance and now resembles a mannequin.

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