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Swollen Pavel Volya rolled public scandal Laysan Utyasheva

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Pavel Volya had a public showdown with Laysan Utyasheva.

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Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva are considered to be one of the strongest couples in the star party. They have been married for 10 years, raising two children and making no secret of the fact that their union has real Spanish passions. So, the other day the showman threw a real tantrum on the gymnast. And that’s why.

Pavel Volya committed a public showdown with Laysan Utyasheva. The gymnast is known to have her own dance show. Every day she disappears at rehearsals. Sometimes a beauty has to run away for training before dawn to prepare well for performances.

Today was just such a day. The showman went to work for his wife early in the morning. The comedian was clearly not in the mood. He looked a little wrinkled and swollen. The actor rolled the scene of jealousy.

The reason for the anger was half-naked men who walked around Utyasheva. “What kind of men are you naked?” Paul asked angrily.

The gymnast hurried to justify herself. She explained that one of the dancers named Dima Twitter is working in the hall. Laysan tried to divert the conversation, began to praise the artist for a great stretch, but it was not there.

The will could not be appeased. “At least Twitter, at least a rustle, anyone. Why is he naked?“- cut off the athlete’s wife.

As a result, Utyasheva did not continue the verbal battle. She left her husband in the dance class, and went about her business.

Note spouses do not like to spread about their relationship. They met in the late 2000s at the Comedy Club, where the gymnast came at the invitation of her close friend Alexei Yagudin. Laysan was sitting in the hall with her mother and immediately attracted the attention of the humorist. After the performance, he went down to the bar next to the auditorium and watched the girl for the rest of the evening. “I really liked the way she reacted, the way she responded, the way she shone. The other contact was with the guest,” the comedian admitted.

Will asked Utyasheva for a phone call. The gymnast decided to torture Paul and gave him a friend’s number instead of his own. But the artist was still able to contact Laysan and even persuaded her to go on a date. The athlete later said that she and Pavel had not been close for four years. “It happened the same way, we were friends for a long time. And even when Paul invited me to spend the night, he was very correct and gallant and said, ‘There’s a room, I know your manners,’ and he’s on the couch,” she shared.

And in the spring of 2012 grief happened in Utyasheva’s family. The athlete’s mother died of a heart attack. For Laysan, the world turned upside down. The sudden death of her mother was a terrible blow. Paul was very supportive of her then. He was in Cannes at the time. After giving up all business, he returned to Moscow. Will took the gymnast home and literally cared for her. “I clearly understood then that if I don’t take her and hug her and don’t let her go, she will just leak through my fingers, because she will probably have another period in her life,” the comedian said.

Six months later, he and Utyasheva played a quiet modest wedding. The couple kept their family life a secret. In the United States, Leysan gave birth to a son, Robert. And two years later, a daughter, Sofia, was born.

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