Sverdlovsk Philharmonic Festival “Mad Days” in Yekaterinburg in 2022, map, route, concert overview |

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The concert will take place July 1 in the great hall of the Philharmonic.

Concert № 41: “Swan Lake Beach”

What are “Crazy Days” without a crossover? This concert is a combination of genres and styles, virtuoso technique and selfless love for music. In the program 45 minutes Bach, Schubert and Swan Lake Beach will be performed at the concert. A great option to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of classical music in one concert.

The concert will take place July 2 in the big hall of TYUZ.

№ 45: “Fairytale pictures”

The most complex instrumental ensemble in classical concerts is the quartet. Here, each of the ensemble’s four musicians plays for an entire orchestra. But, it turns out, for the fabulous music of Schumann 16 strings the quartet is catastrophically small, so another 230 piano strings will be added to them. And it’s definitely worth hearing!

The concert will take place July 2 in Makletsky’s hall at the conservatory.

№ 68: Drummers’ Sense of Rhythm Show

The most natural musical sound is the sound of a beat. The percussion rhythm is set by the human body (pulse, breath, steps), and you can do anything with a percussion instrument. So you can start getting acquainted with the classics with a rhythmic hour-long show of drummers.

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