Super-hot model: Lelouch was mentioned in the American series

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Lelouch (Vladislav Ivanov) – Russian participant in the Chinese idol show “Creation Camp 2021”. Thanks to his participation in this project, he became incredibly popular in China. His fate was monitored on the project not only in China but also in other countries. He became famous for desperately wanting to go home, but fans did not let him go and constantly voted for him to stay in the project. As a result, Lelouch reached the final and took 12th place, which is considered a very high result.

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After participating in the project Lelouch became a successful model. He starred in commercials for various brands, participated in various entertainment shows on Chinese television.

Recently, many fans Лелуша noted that his name was mentioned in another episode of the American crime series “Rookie”. During the interrogation, one of the witnesses said about the alleged criminal that he had a Russian accent, like Vladislav Ivanov. The policeman clarifies who it is. The witness says her name Lelouch and explains that this is a super-hot model that has fallen into the trap of a Chinese reality show. One of the police officers confirms that Lelouch super cute.

Translation: “Yes, he sounded like Vladislav Ivanov. (In another frame he explains that Lelouch)
The policeman asks again: “Who? Lelouch? ”
Responds: “Super-hot model who fell into the trap of the Chinese reality show”
Police officer confirms: “Yes, Lelouch is super cute”

After the episode comes out, Lelouch posted on its official website Weibo a series of screenshots from the episode “Rookie”.

The post received many likes, comments and reposts. Also a topic to mention Лелуша in the American series entered the top five hot requests for Weibo.

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