Sukho (EXO) shared his thoughts on the solo comeback

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April 4 Dry from EXO held a press conference in honor of the release of his new album “Gray Suit”. Dry told both about the album and about his dismissal from the army. He was the host of the event Kai.

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Dry officially completed his military service on February 14 this year. In May 2020, he joined the military training center in Nonsan. After 4 weeks of basic training, he continued to serve as a civil servant.

During the press conference Dry said Kayuthat after the military service he first of all wanted to meet with fans. He said, “I wanted to meet the fans sooner, so I prepared diligently right after returning from the army».

When he finished the service, he posted a letter on his Instagram. He said he missed EXO-L the most EXO). He added that he missed the fans and participants so much EXOthat he once dreamed of a band performing a concert.

Then Dry told about his first comeback after military service. This is his first comeback since his solo debut in March 2020.

He said, “This is my comeback after two years. The world seems to have changed a lot. I’m nervous right now, but I’m calmer because Kai is next to me».

He added: “I was nervous when I debuted solo, but this time I’m more nervous. When I released my first solo album, I thought I would get used to it, but it’s like a fresh start.».

Then Dry spoke about the significance of the album “Gray Suit”: “The album contains messages that I wanted to convey for the last two years. The album also shows different colors».

“Gray Suit” contains the title song of the same name, as well as 5 other tracks: “Morning Star”, “Hurdle”, “Decanting”, “Bear Hug” and “Moment”. Dry took part in writing all 6 songs from the album.

In particular, the title track “Gray Suit” is a song in the genre of progressive rock, which combines the sounds of an orchestra and a dynamic string line. The song expresses an emotion that becomes colorful after passing the “gray” stage in life and reuniting with a loved one.

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