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stylist’s opinion about Valeria’s outfits on the show “Mask”

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Fashion expert, fashion designer Naz Mayer appreciated the images of the singer Valeria and gave his recommendations to the star’s peers.

Fashionista of the week on the show
Valeria and Philip Kirkorov on the show “Mask”. Photo: PR NTV

Show “Mask” NTV, of course, is not only very intriguing, but just as bright and spectacular. Participants in incredible costumes, reincarnations and revelations. But the show is not just on stage. The members of the panel of judges are not far behind. They arrange their show of outfits.

Today, the images of the singer are in vogue Valeria.

“If you look objectively, and do not try to pay tribute to how good Valeria looks for her age, some of her images raise questions,” said the fashion expert. Teleprogramma.profashion designer Naz Mayer.

“There is an advantage”

The first image of Valeria and immediately hit the top ten.

Singer Valeria on the show
Valeria in a fuchsia dress on the show “Mask. Photo: PR NTV

“Bright fuchsia is an interesting option. Slim blondes like these colors and cut very well. An asymmetrical dress always looks interesting. And this dress has one big advantage – it is not overloaded. One color and one visual basis. Valeria is quite permissible such decisions, she is slender, so she can safely open her arms and neck. Image rating 10 out of 10 ».

“The most spectacular”

This outfit of Valeria on the show “Mask” Naz Mayer called the most spectacular, but the specialist was a little embarrassed by the presentation.

Singer Valeria on the show
Valeria in a dress with stylish asymmetry. Photo: PR NTV

“Perhaps this dress is the most spectacular of the entire selection. It is interestingly sewn, short and bright, but not vulgar. The outfit makes you want to consider it. I want to touch the fabric. Stylish asymmetry and voluminous sleeves are highly valued by star fashionistas this season. Under such dresses, the skin color should be perfectly smooth, as the neckline involuntarily catches the eye. Image rating 7 out of 10 ».

“Interesting choice”

Obviously, Valeria does not adhere to the principle – the simpler, the better. The singer withstood this complex outfit, invented for her by stylists, and received high marks.

  Singer Valeria on the show
Valeria in an outfit with a basque and a white blouse. Photo: PR NTV

“A red dress with a basque and a white blouse with embroidery are very interesting choices. I want to disassemble it into details. So, what we have is interesting and fascinating: voluminous sleeves, contrasting embroidery, corset top at the dress, basque at the waist. There are many details and the image may look a little heavy, but all this is easily compensated by a light unobtrusive hairstyle and soft makeup.

The combination of three colors – red, white and black, where red is the most active and overwhelming, is not suitable for everyone and not everyone knows how to combine it. But, apparently, Valeria’s designers and stylists have worked hard on this way out. Image rating 10 out of 10 ».

“Blurred color”

Fashion designer Naz Mayer could not hide his disappointment, commenting on this image of the singer Valeria. It is strictly not recommended for the star’s peers to repeat after her.

Valeria and Philip Kirkorov
Valeria and Philip Kirkorov. Photo: PR NTV

“The outfit in which she is depicted next to Philip Kirkorov, causes some bewilderment. Absolutely indistinct color, which adds age. Non-standard cut, from which you can see the uneven tan line. Extremely unfortunate choice.

Although, the cut of the dress is quite good, if you do not pay attention to the neckline. If you are well over 50, then I advise you to abandon this combination of colors. This adds age and even some fatigue. The bright pink shade of lipstick gives freshness to the singer, but stands out against the general ensemble. I would advise to replace it with nudity. Image rating 4 out of 10 ».

“A combination of chic and ease”

Oh, how beautiful Valeria looked in this white dress against the background of the chairman of the jury Philip Kirkorov dressed in a lemon jacket.

Valeria and Philip Kirkorov
Valeria in a white dress with Philip Kirkorov. Photo: PR NTV

“Baby doll dress is a dreamy combination of chic and ease. The only difficult part is the sleeves. And as we can see, Valeria loves such elements. The milky color goes well with the porcelain color of the singer’s skin.

An interesting detail was a cute hat. Not all fashionistas know how to wear this accessory, and Valeria does it perfectly. I can not fail to note the trendy jewelry made of long strands of pearls, which looks avant-garde and bold. Image rating 10 out of 10 ».

Let’s sum up

On the first the steps of the fashion pedestal of honor this time are cramped. Designer Naz Mayer gave the highest marks to three images of the singer Valeria. The “gold” was awarded to a fuchsia dress, along with a basque and embroidery and a white baby doll-style dress.

On the second place – a silver dress with voluminous sleeves. And on the third – along with a non-standard neckline.


Naz Mayer, fashion designer. Disciple of Jean-Paul Gauthier. Designer, fashion expert, winner of the Vyacheslav Zaitsev Prize “Designer of 2021”.

Fashion designer Naz Mayer
Fashion designer Naz Mayer. Photo: personal archive

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