“Studied bath art in St. Petersburg and Latvia”

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How to steam properly, and what procedures will make you cry

Many bath lovers live in Cheboksary. It turned out that there are even those who do it professionally. Correspondents of “Pro Gorod” met with two “masters of the couple”, who told about the nuances of their work.

32-year-old Galina Hasanova is a housewife. She has been on maternity leave since 2011 and has devoted all her time to raising three children aged 10, 9 and 6. Prior to their birth, the woman worked as a physicist in a kindergarten. Despite her busy schedule, Galina began to study the topic of proper soaring in the bath three years ago. Since she lives in a private house, she wanted to learn the art of bathing to apply it to her family members. She was so engrossed in all this that she decided to start gathering groups of women who wanted to take a steam bath and spend a few hours in the bath for fun, forgetting about all the problems.

“I went to study bath art in St. Petersburg, Latvia. One such seminar costs about 15-20 thousand rubles. I wanted to learn how to properly soar my children. My husband helped me in my endeavors. He told me to find what I want to do, whether manicure or pedicure. In any case, he will pay for everything, “- said Galina.

In February 2021, Galina together with her partner Tatiana Abramenko, with whom she met at one of the seminars on the art of soaring, recruited the first group of lovers of steaming. By the way, Tatiana also became interested in all this, sitting in the maternity hospital. Prior to that, she worked as a manager in a fast food restaurant for 15 years.

Galina and Tatiana work exclusively with women. Their program consists of five stages:

  • The first stage is warming up. The woman goes into the steam room and just warms up. The most important thing here is not to sit down. As soon as she has a desire to leave, then it’s really time to leave. After that, she is given time to rest. She just sits, drinks herbal tea and socializes with other women.

  • The second stage is scrubbing. A woman can be scrubbed in either two or four hands. In the process, Galina and Tatiana always sing songs. After the procedure, the woman is sent to rest again.

  • The third stage is soaring. It always takes place in four hands. The optimum temperature in the bath should reach 60 to 80 degrees. The main rule of being in the bath – the feet should be warm and the head – in the cold. If you follow it, you can avoid headaches and ill health. The woman must wear a hat soaked in cold water so that she does not overheat and her face is covered with cool brooms.

“Everyone is used to people sitting in the bath. Usually after such a visit, the head starts to hurt, and this is not surprising because it has warmed up. You have to lie upside down in the bath. ”

Bath attendants like to use oak brooms because they are soft and fragrant. Birch brooms are also good for warming the body. And if during soaring you want a pleasant aroma, then for these purposes take lime brooms. They are the ones who most often cover the face.

  • The fourth stage is babbling. After soaring, the woman is taken to the pool. Galina and Tatiana gently hold her head and legs in the water and sing calm songs. According to the bathers, women often start crying just after babbling.

“During the babbling, it seemed to me that I was in my mother’s womb, I was in complete weightlessness. At one point it seemed to me that I was again a little girl who was five years old. In the end, I shed tears, all the emotions spilled out, “- said Ksenia Petrova, who tried this practice.

A similar procedure can be repeated in the bath, which does not have a pool. To do this, put a person and lower his legs into a basin of warm water. On top of his temechko need to slowly pour cool water. It is desirable that this process is also accompanied by a song.

  • The fifth stage is reheating. After the pool, the woman can go back to the steam room and warm up. This is the end of the bath procedure.

Such a program for bathers costs 3,500 rubles per person. Simply scrubbing – 2000 rubles, soaring – 2500 rubles, soaring with baukaniem – 3000 rubles, to warm up in a bath – 1500 rubles. So far, Galina and Tatiana conduct their bath procedures twice a month. In one group, they gather five people to have enough time for each. In total, it takes four hours.

Most often, mothers come to them for bath procedures in the maternity hospital. Bathers themselves know how difficult it is to raise children, so they try to create an atmosphere of calm and comfort around them. They take on the role of mother or older sister, who takes care of everyone.

“We came to the bathhouse not to make money. It is important for us to help women relax, distract themselves from family and household problems. So far we do not earn much on this, but, of course, we would like to give back for our work, “- shared the bathers.

Bathers warn that alcohol should not be used with them, as alcohol in the bath has a negative impact on health. Due to high temperatures, blood vessels dilate, blood speeds up faster, and all this can lead to rapid intoxication. It is best to drink warm water or herbal teas in the bath.

Galina and Tatiana believe that the bath is a guarantee of beauty and health. In the bath you can even lose weight, because the body expels excess fluid. According to them, this is where you can cleanse your body and soul.


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