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Not so long ago, Andrei Malakhov lost his job, but did not comment on the event.

Fans of the popular TV presenter are worried about his health, because the image of the idol has changed: Malakhov gained a couple of kilos, changed his hair, and many think that he recently wore a wig. The journalist himself does not confirm these rumors, but neither does he refute them.

Another reason for excitement is Malakhov’s disappearance from TV screens. The premiere of the host’s new show was about to take place, but viewers never saw it. The showman, as well as other presenters of many entertainment programs, was removed from the air, but temporarily – so far simply this kind of content is not in demand among viewers. However, after the cancellation of the premiere of the new show and the excitement of fans about the health of the idol Malakhov remained silent, and the day before finally got in touch.

The TV presenter decided to make fun of Artem Dzyuba on social networks, who recently got into an unpleasant scandal after the appearance of his intimate video on the Internet. The fact is that the footballer, like many stars, created his own Telegram channel, promising fans that it will be interesting. The showman couldn’t help but comment on the news.

“Could there be anything more interesting than what already was?” – Andrew asked, remembering the intimate scandal of the athlete.


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