Stories for a new book about pioneers are being collected in Noyabrsk

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The Noyabrsk archive collects memories of pioneers. Employees of the department offer old people to fill out a special questionnaire. Those who were at the origins of the city are asked to answer questions: where did they come from, what were their first impressions of the North, what difficulties did they face and the like.

Archivists are interested in the memoirs not only of the people who built Noyabrsk from 1976 to 1991, but also of their children. Information can be sent in both handwritten and printed form to

According to the plans of history, another collection “Memoirs of the pioneers of Noyabrsk” will be the basis. The first edition was released in 2018.

“To date, we have collected more than 500 questionnaires. We hope that by the next anniversary of Noyabrsk – it will be the 50th anniversary – we will be able to release the second part of the collection with interesting stories of our citizens, “- said the chief specialist of the municipal archives Violetta Golikova.

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