Stephen Seagal celebrated his 70th birthday in Moscow

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“We are together. And in difficult times, times full and in times hungry, “Seagal said. He performed several songs from the stage for the guests. In addition, Anatoly Tsoi addressed the guests of the party.

Stephen was born in Lansing, Michigan. The actor has a variety of roots. His father, mathematics teacher Samuel Stephen Seagal, was Jewish. Her mother, Patricia Duffy, was of English, Dutch and German descent. According to his father, the artist also had Russian ancestors. According to the movie star, his grandmother is from Vladivostok, and his roots are in St. Petersburg, Belarus and Ukraine.

In November 2016, by a decree of the President of Russia, Seagal received Russian citizenship. Vladimir Putin personally handed him his passport. In May 2018, Stephen was a guest at his inauguration.

A year later, the actor decided to move to the Krasnodar Territory. Seagal decided to develop a wine business. Friends of the actor said that he was used to the heat and the sun, so he had to choose the warmest part of the country.

Stephen is happily married for the fourth time, with dancer Batsuhiin Erdenetuaa. A native of Mongolia, she gave birth to a son, Kunzan. The screenwriter is a father of many children. The militant star has a total of seven heirs.

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