STAYC made a cover of the BTS song “Mikrokosmos”

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In the last episode “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook» STAYC demonstrated their vocals by singing a song BTS “Microcosm”.

On March 4, the band appeared as guests at a music show, where the participants performed their new title track “RUN2U”, as well as talked to the host Yu Hee Yolem.

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STAYC started the show with a live performance of “Mikrokosmos”, a beautiful bi-side from the mini-album BTS «Map of the Soul: Persona».

Explaining the choice of song, Aisa shared: “We were very touched by this song and wanted to sing it to touch the hearts of other people. Given the times in which we live, we want to comfort them and give them hope».

Sheen continued: “BTS has three rappers, but we don’t have many, so we focused more on our vocals and tried to create harmony to get a unique combination of voices.».

Look at the beautiful cover STAYC on “Mikrokosmos”, as well as their performance of the last title track of the group “RUN2U” – below!

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