Stavropol residents will be able to exchange books and clothes at the next action of the Ekodvor project

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How reported in the social group of the Ekodvor project, it will be possible to hand over plastic with markings 1,2,4,5, glass, metal, paper and cardboard, clothes, household appliances, batteries, as well as packaging for tetrapacks. Volunteers are ready to help and advise those who have just started sorting waste and who have questions about what needs to be recycled and what does not.

Also on this day they will accept clothes, plants and books for exchange. Clothes can be handed over only in washed and dry form. Socks, underwear, tights, swimwear and swimming trunks are not suitable for exchange.

We will remind, the Ekodvor project started in 2019. Over the years, volunteers have conducted about 100 environmental and 50 educational campaigns.

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