Stavropol residents fined for publishing banned book on VKontakte

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The Kirov District Court of the Stavropol Territory found local resident Sergei Apalkov guilty of publicly displaying extremist material. The reason was the book “The Eternal Religion of Nature” by American politician and founder of the racist movement Ben Klassen.

According to the court ruling, during the monitoring of the VKontakte social network, employees of the Center for Countering Extremism of the Stavropol Territory Interior Ministry found a book included in the federal list of extremist materials on the page of the Pilot Perunov user. The page belonged to Sergei Apalkov.

In addition to the book “Eternal Religion of Nature”, the page published a picture with the inscription “fight for your race” (English – fight for your race) and the symbols of Nazi Germany, containing 20 views, three likes and one repost at the time the crime was recorded.

At the court hearing, a resident of the Stavropol Territory pleaded not guilty and refused to explain anything.

The person brought to administrative responsibility was threatened with a fine of one to two thousand rubles or arrest for up to 15 days. As a result, the court sentenced him to an administrative fine.

  • Ben Klassen (1918-1993) was born into a German-speaking family in Ukraine, but in 1924 his family emigrated. Grew up in Canada. He tried several professions, was elected to the House of Representatives of Florida. In 1973, he founded the Creator’s Church, which proclaimed white supremacy and hatred of the US government. In 1993 he committed suicide. By the decision of the Left Bank District Court of Lipetsk of August 20, 2020, his book “Eternal Religion of Nature” was recognized as extremist and banned in Russia.
  • A resident of the Caspian Sea told human rights activists, who were summoned to the police under a contrived pretext, were interrogated, photographed and warned about being put on prophylactic registration in the “extremist” category. The reason for the call, as a police officer explained to him, was a long beard and a visit to the Makhachkala mosque “Tangyim”.
  • Essentuki City Court fined for five thousand rubles activist Ivan Zevakin, who on October 11 went on a single picket with a poster “Navalny is not an extremist! #SvobodaNavalny.”

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