State Duma deputy Anatoly Voronovsky handed over 160 books to Donbass

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Kuban joined the action “Books – Donbass”.

A book collection point for residents of the DPR and LPR has opened on the basis of the United Russia Regional Public Reception. Anatoly Voronovsky, a State Duma deputy (United Russia), was one of the first to join the Book for Donbass campaign. He bought 160 books – classic children’s literature, recognized by the world of authors such as A.S. Pushkin, P.P. Ershov, LN Tolstoy, AP Chekhov, AI Kuprina, etc.

“The book is the main source of knowledge. Our military began to find books in Ukraine that have nationalist tendencies. We have always studied the books of Soviet and Russian poets and writers: Pushkin, Chukovsky, Barto. Everyone studied in these books. No one ever had the thought in their heads that books could be burned. As it happened in Ukraine. I want these books to become a small ray of good for children who are now in Donbass, “said Anatoly Voronovsky.

Anyone can take part and bring books in any quantity. Children’s books are accepted: art, educational, journalism, toy books for kids, general development, specialized literature for children, etc., but always in Russian, in good condition. It is recommended to pay special attention to classical children’s literature (AS Pushkin, KI Chukovsky, AL Barto, AM Volkov, etc.), as well as books on the school curriculum, books on war, the blockade and modern children’s and adolescent works. All collected books will be transferred to the libraries of Donetsk and Luhansk republics.

We will remind, the combined group of volunteers of “United Russia” found textbooks in one of the Kherson schools where historical and geographical facts are inaccurately stated. Russia acts as an aggressor, talking about the inefficiency of the Russian government. Books will be studied by historians, linguists, psychologists to give conclusions on each area of ​​the curriculum. In order to prevent the children of Donbass from succumbing to fascist ideology, it was decided to provide them with the right textbooks and literature.

Earlier, as part of the action “Defenders of the Fatherland” in the Krasnodar Territory, more than two thousand letters and drawings were collected and handed over to our servicemen who are participating in a special operation in Ukraine.

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