Stas Pieha revealed the details of the last conversation with his grandmother

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The legendary Edita Pieha summed up.

Edita Pieha, 84, stopped giving interviews. Almost nothing is known about the condition of the pop star. The veil of secrecy was opened by her grandson – musician Stas Pieha.

According to him, it is rare to see a grandmother live – all communication takes place over the phone. Stas told the correspondent about his last conversation with Edita Pieha.Moscow Komsomol member».

“I literally talked to her the other day. She was in a good mood, I even thought she was optimistic. She assessed her life as quite acceptable and good, “Stas said.

Edith Piech will celebrate his 85th birthday this summer. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the whole family, as it used to be, is unlikely to get together, Stas said. He also added that he is happy to realize that his grandmother is not discouraged.

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