starred Cardi Bee decided to quit Paramount

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The star refused to shoot in the movie “Nursing Home”.

Edition Deadline reports that Cardi Bee has refused to film at the Nursing Home. It’s all about her difficult schedule for the near future. The singer forgot when and where her concerts were. And they are, of course, more important than the movie. However, due to the refusal of the singer, the production of the comedy was not canceled, but postponed indefinitely – Paramount decided in any case to make this film with Cardi in the lead role.

Fans, by the way, are very disappointed with Cardi’s decision. Suddenly withdrawing from filming a week before the start is indecent, to say the least. However, it may be a matter of royalties – only $ 30 million was invested in the film, and of course not all of them will go to Cardi B.

As for the plot of the comedy, he will tell about the swindler Amber, who was falsely accused of a crime and she decided to hide in a nursing home. It is unlikely that anyone will look for her there.

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