Soy accidentally smashed Dean Dean’s expensive plate

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March 24 DinDin shared a new video on his channel YouTubein which he and Soy drank together at his house.

Towards the end of the video Soy accidentally overturned one of the plates on the table. Soy covered her mouth in surprise as DinDin previously said that this plate is from a luxury brand.

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DinDin reacted immediately: “It’s all right, it’s all right. You just smashed a plate of a luxury brand “. Then he asked Soy move so that she is not injured, and remove the fragments.


While he was cleaning up, Soy searched the internet for a plate of another luxury brand to replace the broken one. Fortunately, one luxury brand sold similar plates, and Soy ordered two pieces.

She asked DinDina specify his address and immediately paid for the order. The total cost of the plates was 730,000 won (~ $ 600).


On this DinDin playfully commented: “Hey, I asked you not to buy them for me! What are you doing?” Soy asked: “Oh, then should I cancel the order?”

DinDin replied: “Oh, no. That is, I am sure that it is already difficult to cancel the order. “– making everyone laugh.

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