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Sony, which has left Russia, will leave successful in the rental “Ancharted: Not on the cards”

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Large collections have preserved the film for the Russian audience.

The film “Ancharted: It doesn’t appear on the maps” with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg will be shown in Russian cinemas after April 6, despite the departure of the blockbuster rental company Sony.

Back in early March, Sony announced the suspension of screenings of its new films. For example, “Morbius” with singer Jared Leto in the lead role was not released in Russia. Informs about it Film Distributor’s Bulletin.

The adventurous action movie directed by Ruben Fleischer went to Russia for eight weeks and earned more than 1.3 billion rubles. This amount exceeded the final collection of the fantasy “Warcraft”, making “Ancharted: Not on the cards” the most box office video game project in Russia.

Apparently, the company Sony, which has left the Russian Federation, has decided to earn even more on the tape about adventurers. The total collection of the film in the world has already exceeded $ 360 million, and this figure will soon increase, including due to the Russian audience.

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