Sons from Oh My Girl named the cause of the “disorder” because of her favorite boy band 2PM

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March 11 My son from Oh My Girl appeared on KBS cool FM “Jung Eun Ji’s Music Plaza” as a special DJ Square. On this day My son filled the radio show with songs she chose to warm up on Friday night, including “Krystal” Oh My Girlas well as songs by ONF and their senior band SEVENTEEN.

Among the songs she played, she gave special preference to “My House” 2PMshowing that she is also one of the celebrities who fell in love with this viral track.

Then she said she was a little upset, jokingly: “They are angry, 2PM high school students who tell me to come to ‘my house’ (their house) but never tell me their addresses”.

Apparently a comment My son is a response to the lyrics of the group: “I want to take you home tonight / All right, let’s go home to me”.

Later Miracles (fandom Oh My Girl) commented on the live broadcast, and Idol said: “There are people who are interested in finding out my home address”.

However, she wittily replied: “Then, like 2PM Senior, I won’t tell you”.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time celebrities have expressed their love for 2PM and their track “My House”. In January, the “Goddess of the Nation” Han Ga In also admitted that she became a fan of the band after watching the performance 2PM. At that time, she told an anecdote that surprised the audience:

Where is their house? I almost left home, although I am raising children!

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