Sonhwa revealed the “real” positions of ATEEZ members

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As with most K-pop groups, y ATEEZ there are official positions for all eight participants: lead vocalist, lead rapper, lead dancer, etc. Each participant is talented in several areas, so they cannot be limited to official positions when it comes to music releases and performances.

Recently Sonhva tried to give the participants their “real” positions in the group, and his decisions are both funny and appropriate for the participants.

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Official positions Honjuna: leader, lead rapper, sub-vocalist and center. However, Sonhva assigned him the position of “Pok-Jun”, which translates as “explosive June” or “tyrant June”. This nickname refers to Honjunwhen he acts aggressively. Since he is a leader, it is not surprising that he has to take control in this way.

Sonhva officially holds the position of lead vocalist, rapper and visual, but his “real” position, he called the position of “McNae”. Ironically, he is the oldest member of the group, but sometimes he seems so innocent that he could well go for McNae (in a good way).

Official positions Yunho: lead dancer and lead vocalist. His “real” position does not require much explanation – “dance teacher”. Fans know that Yunho he remembers the dance moves faster than the other participants, and he is the main dancer for a reason ATEEZ. Not surprisingly, he probably often helps others learn choreography, although they are also amazing dancers.

Yosan officially holds the position of lead dancer, sub-vocalist and visual. Sonhva gave him a position that will also not be a surprise – “training-golik”. Yosan spends a lot of time in the gym – his muscles confirm this – and this position is exactly right for him.

Dignityofficially holding the position of lead vocalist and face of the group, received the position of “visual” from Sonhva, which itself is the official visual. Without a doubt, Dignity – a great guy who attracts a lot of attention from people unfamiliar with ATEEZand this position is exactly right for him.

Officially Mingi is the lead rapper and lead dancer, but Sonhva considered his “real” position the position of “vocalist”. Mingi better known for his rap and dance, but his vocals are definitely not weak. And Sonhva makes it clear that this cannot be forgotten.

One officially occupies the positions of lead dancer, vocalist and visual, but his “real” position is “tension”. The reason why Sonhva assigned him such a position, not entirely clear, but probably it has something to do with the “loud” personality Uona and its constant excess of energy.

Official positions Chonho: lead vocalist and McNae. However, his “real” position is “big brother”, and it makes sense, because although he is the youngest member of the group, it has been said many times that he is the most mature among them. Based on this, Chonho easy to take for a senior.

None of the participants ATEEZ you can’t give only one position, but Sonhva definitely did his best!

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