Songs that will comfort you when you feel depressed

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Everyone has days when they are not in the best of moods, feel depressed, and may want to be alone for a while. And there are not necessarily reasons for such a mood. On such days, music can become your best friend and heal you.

In the albums BTS you can find many such compositions. It is known that they have songs in every genre, and those who are looking will be sure to find a whole comforting playlist. Many Armi often talked about how the band’s music helped them.

Here are some of the most relaxing songs BTSthat you can listen to when you feel depressed:

Tomorrow (Skool Luv Affair)

Words of consolation that you most want to hear in difficult times! This song is for young people. This is the part of your life when you face pressure from all sides and struggle to achieve your dream. Guys tell you to follow your chosen path and never look back.

«Follow your dream through and through. Even if everything falls apart, don’t run back, never»

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“2! 3!” (Wings)

It was the band’s first official fan song; track dedicated to the Army. Because of this fact, and also because of the text that tells the story BTS, «2! 3!» means a lot to the fandom. The guys thank the Army for believing in them and wish them only good days in the future.

«It’s okay when I say two or three times, forget it; erase all sad memories»

“Magic Shop” (Love Yourself: Tear)

Produced by Chonguk, this is another track created for the Army. The lyrics are beautiful and very lively. I will not tell you obvious things, such as “have power,” they say BTS.
They just want you to have a cup of warm tea and try to relax. Open the door in your heart and they will be waiting for you there to comfort you.

«You gave me the best of me. So give yourself a better self.»

“Paradise” (Love Yourself: Tear)

This is probably one of the best songs BTS with a powerful message. In a world where everyone seems to have a dream, you don’t have to blame yourself for not choosing your path. It’s okay not to have dreams. You should try not to overload yourself with what others expect of you.

«You can stop. You shouldn’t run away without knowing why»

«Answer: Love Myself» (Love Yourself: Answer)

When you read the stories told by Armi, you will learn how much the Love Yourself series has helped people around the world. They have learned to believe in themselves and grow in life. The song “Love Myself” has become a motto for many, which gives hope when it is so necessary.

«You showed me that I have reasons; I have to love myself. I am learning to love myself»

“Microcosm” (Map of the Soul: Persona)

The song was released as part of the album “MOTS: Persona”. When the guys sang it at the end of their concert, Armi experienced unprecedented emotions, singing along with them. They have each other on dark nights.

«You have me, and I dream of looking at you. I have you in these dark nights»

Life Goes On (BE)

As the name implies, the song says that, despite everything, life goes on. The world has changed, but we can still do the little things that make us happy. You may feel lost now, but one day everything will return to normal, as if nothing had happened.

«People say the world has changed. But, fortunately, nothing has changed between us»

There are songs like “HOME”, “Spring Day”, “You Never Walk Alone” and many others that can comfort at the right time. What a song BTS is that for you?

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