Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bean’s wedding: who caught the bride’s bouquet?

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March 31 Hyun Bean and Son E Jin held a wedding ceremony at Aston House at the Grand Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul. Sports Chosun received exclusive photos from the couple’s official ceremony.

Judging by the photos obtained exclusively by this publication, Hyun Bean and Son E Jin demonstrated happy emotions throughout the wedding, enjoying the festive atmosphere with the guests.

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When the best friend Son E Jinactress Gon Hyo Jin, caught a bouquet, it even made the guests laugh. Because Son E Jin threw the bouquet harder than expected and Hyun Bean was surprised by his bride’s extraordinary “throw”.

Son E Jinwho seemed to be holding her father’s hand as she descended the stairs, slowly approached Hyun Binu. The song chosen for the introductory song of the bride is a single Kine Grannis “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” To the beautiful music and loud applause of the guests Son E Jin entered the hall.

The host of the ceremony was a TV presenter Pak Kyon Rome. She opened the event with a sumptuous but witty speech. Congratulatory songs performed Kim Bom Soo, Gummy and Paul Kim. It is said that with their sweet voices they made the atmosphere of the wedding scene even more romantic.

The star guests also congratulated and blessed the couple. Among the famous guests at the ceremony were seen An Son Ki, Chu Jin Mo., Pak Jun Hoon, Cha Tae Hyun, Gon Yu, Khan Jae Sok, Hwang Chong Min, Jin Jin Hee, Chon Hae Ying, Son Yun A, Kim Son A, About Yun A, Ha Ji Won, Gon Hyo Jin, Lee Min John, Lee Yong Hee, Young, Chon Mi Do., Kim Ji Hyun, Chan Yong Nam and others.

Congratulations Hyun Bina and Son E Jin!!

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