soloist of the duo HammAli & Navai left the show “Mask”

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The members of the jury of the music competition exposed the participant under the guise of the Joker. It turned out to be 26-year-old rapper Navai Bakirov.

The native of Samara became widely known in 2016. Together with hip-hop artist Alexander Aliyev, the musician created the duo HammAli & Navai. Their songs “Hide and Seek”, “Bird” became hits.

As it became known, Nawai participated in the show “Mask”. The singer was hiding in a Joker costume. He sang Nikolai Noskov’s song “It’s Great.” Timur Rodriguez immediately revealed the identity of the rapper, recognizing him by his unique timbre. Timur Batrutdinov tried to argue with his colleague – he claimed that Rodion Gazmanov was hiding under a mask.

Pop King Philip Kirkorov also recognized a member of the popular duo. Artist: “And if it’s love?” was pleasantly surprised that he was recognized. He noted that he has an inimitable manner of singing.

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