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Sobchak regretted that she worked a lot in Russia in vain and saved for the future

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The journalist is worried about her future.

In late February, many celebrities packed their bags and rushed abroad under the pretext of a long-planned family vacation. TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak was also suspected, who said she flew on vacation with her 5-year-old son to Istanbul and was later seen at Tel Aviv airport. On March 14, Roskomnadzor officially blocked the popular Instagram social network for Russians, so the blonde wrote a candid post on her blog, in which she shared her feelings about her future. The TV presenter regrets that she did not use the opportunities and rest so often, and devoted all her time to work.

“Those were wonderful years… Now it is clear that the best years of life. I have always believed in Russia – built a business, created jobs, worked very, very much, earned a lot. Thinking that someday I will rest. It was a mistake. Now I don’t know what will happen to me and all of us even tomorrow. But, as they say, nothing in this world can end in anything, we will soon find out the outcome. And the only thing we can really do is stay human. Show mercy, save and help those you can, do not hate those who send you curses and hate just for the count in the passport “born in Russia”, – Sobchak shared his feelings.

Earlier, the journalist made it clear that contrary to rumors, intends to continue working in Russia. Sobchak was said to have flown to Israel to relinquish her son, whose father, actor Maxim Vitorgan, has Jewish roots. In the new issue of the YouTube show “Caution, news”, she noted that she will soon return home.

“The world, which was open and simple yesterday, has become dangerous and incomprehensible today. Especially for us: people who do not have other passports than the Russian one, ”Sobchak stressed.

She promised to return to Russia and her ex-wife Gufa Aiza, which owns several beauty salons in Moscow. The TV star admitted that due to recent events she lost several advertising projects and does not know when to launch their own new products. A few days ago, Aiza flew abroad with her children and planned to go to Sri Lanka, but the holiday was canceled due to financial problems. However, Aiza is not going to close the business in Russia, as he does not want to let his team down.

“It’s over, we rode. Advertising contracts, for now! All my projects, all my dreams… My work, my future, tens of millions of money spent… It’s good that I love buckwheat with stew, ”the blogger complained.

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