Sobchak once again sat in a puddle

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The presenter’s statement turned out to be dangerous nonsense.

Ksenia Sobchak said that while pregnant, she insisted on natural childbirth instead of cesarean section, but this is not a matter of choice.

Secular lioness wrote on social media, as her son Plato was born. The doctors allegedly advised her to have a caesarean section, but Ksenia was adamant decided give birth naturally.

According to Boris Lordkipanidze, an international expert on reproductive health, cesarean sections are not performed according to the patient’s choice, but according to medical indications.

“If the situation with childbirth poses a threat to the health of the mother or child, but the woman at some stage of pregnancy flatly refuses to have a cesarean section, then no one will take into account her opinion.

She must give birth with the help of medical manipulations: either a natural childbirth procedure or a cesarean section. Doctors make decisions based on the benefit, risk, etc. There are also situations when a woman has a caesarean section during an unsuccessful natural birth, ”he said. Boris Lordkipanidze portal PopCornNews.

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