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Sobchak found a way to substitute Urgant and Channel One

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The presenter recalled the old sins of a colleague.

Ksenia Sobchak has complaints about many celebrities. As a patriot of her country, she is outraged that the stars fled abroad in difficult times for Russia. After all, only traitors do that, to which she, of course, does not belong.

But most of all, Ksenia Anatolyevna seems to be occupied by the fate of Ivan Urgant. He had just returned to Moscow, but first fled to Israel. So, he should not be shown on television, especially since he has long promoted enemy values ​​and flirted with the Italians, and the leadership of the First Channel indulges him. Sobchak wrote in her own about how this happened Telegram:

“Urgant filmed a New Year’s show in the style of the Italian seventies for two years in a row. In Italian. On the First Channel. And he said: “It’s all dear and close to us.” And how happy they watched it, and how proud they were that the Italians on Facebook liked it. Is this what the patriots of our country look like? Yes-yes-yes? However, nothing new. Everyone knows and understands everything. So I’ll limit myself to that. “

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