So Ji Sob, Im Su Hyun, Shin Son Rock and others demonstrated impeccable teamwork in reading the script for the upcoming drama

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The upcoming MBC drama “Doctor-lawyer»Shared some shots with the actors reading the script!

The heartbreaking and soothing drama tells the story of a brilliant surgeon who became a lawyer for medical negligence after losing everything due to a sham operation, and a prosecutor from the Medical Crimes Department, who lost his family and lover because of this operation. Together, they punish those who believe that a person’s life depends on his financial situation, and comfort victims who have been treated unfairly.

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Together with the director Chan Hon Cholem and screenwriter Lee Yong Juice the actors were present at the reading of the script With Gene Sob, Im Su Hyang, Shin Son Rock and others.

With G Sob will play Khan Yi Khan, a lawyer for medical negligence, who was once a brilliant doctor specializing in general and thoracic surgery. Prior to the incident four years ago, he was a fairly experienced and popular surgeon at Bansuk University Hospital. As a lawyer, he tries to find out the truth about this mysterious incident, which forced him to change his career.

This will be the first drama With Ji Soba four years after the 2018 drama “Terius is behind me». While reading the script, the staff was impressed with the way he portrayed Khan Yi Khan, carefully analyzing the character’s facial expression, tone and look.

Shin Son Rock will play Jaden Lee, head of Honors Hand’s Asian subsidiary, a company specializing in lobbying and investment. He has power and can control everything with his words and actions, and he does his best to succeed. In particular, Jaden Lee is a secretive character who cannot be read. He is expected to become an important figure in the drama.

The actor, playing Jaden Lee, portrayed him vividly, in his own style. He attracted attention with his look and voice, which perfectly conveyed the atmosphere and mood of the character. On Shin Son of Rockwho was called an “irreplaceable actor”, high hopes are pinned.

Im Su Hyang will be played by Prosecutor Gim Sok Yoon from the Medical Crimes Division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office. She had a firm belief that criminals change not through forgiveness but through punishment. As for the truly innocent defendants, she tries to prove their innocence even more than their own lawyers.

Passionate performance Im Su Hyang, which expressed the tumultuous emotionality of Gyum Sok Yoon and her sharp charisma, made everyone focus on the story. Viewers can look forward to her new image for this drama.

Also a great game Lee Kyon Yoon, Lee Joo Bean, Chhwe Jae Un, Kim Ho John and many others also excelled at reading the script. All the actors showed great chemistry and passionate acting skills. No one showed signs of fatigue, and the film crew made every effort to create a better project.

Premiere «The doctor-lawyer»Will take place on May 27 at 21:50 (KST).

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