SM Entertainment returns a female band that everyone has forgotten about

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SM Entertainment returns an old female band, brand new to many of today’s K-Pop fans.

Last year SM Entertainment launched the MV Reissue Project with YouTube. For this project SM Entertainment is engaged in digital re-release of music videos of its artists in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Global fans know half of K-Pop, but don’t know the other half. We planned this project to promote the origins and roots of K-Pop.

– Lee Son Soo, CEO of SM Entertainment

This archive includes music videos that have never been uploaded to the official channel SM Entertainment on YouTube, created in 2009. The first reissued music video was “Age of Violence»Legendary men’s group HOT

Now SM Entertainment re-represents “Come to Me», Music video of 2001 from the group MILK (Made In Lovely Kin) MILK – a female group of 4 members under a daughter label SM Entertainment, BM Entertainment.

The band debuted on December 17, 2001 with their first album With Freshness. In 2002, the group MILK was nominated for an award Mnet Asian Music Awards in the category “Best New Band” along with several other bands you may or may not remember: Black Beat (award winner), Turtles, Sugar and Swi-T.

Unfortunately, after the rapper Pe Yu Mi. left the band in 2003, MILK were disbanded. Pe Yu Mi. starred in films such as “Winter child“(2005) and”Secrets of the schoolyard”(2006) before leaving the entertainment industry.

So Hyun Jin, the band’s lead dancer, lead vocalist and McNae, now a famous actress. She starred in the films “The second Oh He He»(2016),« Teacher Kim, a romantic doctor“(2016-2017) and”True beauty”(2018), and these are just some of them.

Vocalist and visual artist Kim Bo Mi. starred in movies «Dangerous love»(2006) and«Unforgettable love»(2006) known as Banjul Dramas with Participants TVXQ. She has been virtually inactive since then. Her last appearance was in the erotic film of 2014 “Saint».

Again Hee Bonknown by its real name Jeon, at that time was a leader, vocalist and rapper. After disbanding, she also moved on to acting. She has starred in more than a dozen films and Korean doras, including “The wife I know»(2018),«The myth of Sisyphus»(2021) and«Happiness»(2021).

Fun fact: a hit Girls’ Generation «Into the New World»Was originally intended for the second album MILK!!

Now, almost two decades later, SM Entertainment present the long-awaited reissued format of their hit «Come To Me». Listen to the updated track MILK below:

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