SM Entertainment has stated that it will continue to maintain a relationship with Lay from EXO

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Earlier, April 8, participant EXO and solo performer Lay Announced in handwritten letters that his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment came to an end.

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In a similar letter to fans via Weibo, Lay used his words to describe in more detail his plans for the future. He said, “10 years is considered a very long time, but now that I have come to the day when my 10-year relationship with my company came to an end, it seems to me that this time has flown by like a moment. In just a moment, the young man who came to the company was 30 years old».

Then Lay continued: “Even though the 10-year contract has come to an end, my heart still remains with the company, and the years I spent developing with everyone who helped me along the way will remain in my heart forever.».

Finally, the participant EXO stated: “Today is a day that marks a new beginning. I will continue to develop new relationships with SM Entertainment».

In light of the ads Leah through its social networking platform representative SM Entertainment also confirmed: “It is true that the term of the exclusive contract Leah expired. However, the agency is currently discussing various ways to maintain a new type of relationship with him«

Meanwhile, Lay debuted as a participant EXO-M in 2012. In 2015, the singer / actor opened his own studio in China for his solo work.

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