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September 08, 2021, 4:58 p.m.

The world-famous Slovenian philosopher Slava Žižek has announced the release of a new book, Heaven in Confusion, the title of which refers to the quote attributed to Mao Zedong, “The whole world in confusion is a beautiful situation.” In the book, the writer reflects on the world after the pandemic, Kurdistan, Lenin, Christ, Evo Morales, Jeremy Corbyn and the Rammstein group. Žižek told about his new work in an interview with a German publication The time.

“I would like to ask myself the following question: is not a certain form of alienation the only structure in which we can really live in freedom? This is my political formula, which shocked my friends. More specifically, I am referring to the wording of Peter Sloterdijk (a modern German philosopher and critical theorist) that the German left hates so much: We need good alienation! I want to be alienated! I want to be controlled by mechanisms incomprehensible to me! I do not want to discuss water supply and health insurance in the local village council every day. I want to sit here, watch old movies and write essays, ”said Žižek, reflecting on the place of the left-wing intellectual in the pandemic world.

In his new book, Žižek recalled the “empty promises” of neoliberals about the end of history and reflected on the problems of communication both in the context of the pandemic and in general, in the prism of the era of “late capitalism”. In the midst of these failures, Žižek declares the need for international solidarity, economic transformation and, ultimately, urgent “military communism”.

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