Sklifosovsky’s star confessed to the crime

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The actress’ husband could not forgive her.

In 2011, Maria Kulikova and her now ex-husband Denis Matrosov had a son, Ivan. The actor really wanted to be present at the birth, but his wife deprived him of this opportunity.

Maria admitted that she did not want to disturb him or his family, so when the fight began, she went to the maternity hospital accompanied by friends. The sailor was filming in another city at the time, but when he learned of the deception, he boarded the last plane and ran to his wife.

Kulikova gave birth to a healthy son, but it softened Denis for a while. For a long time he could not forgive his wife for not being at the birth of the heir, she shared.A caravan of stories»:

Every now and then he scolds: “No, how could you, Kulikova, how could you?” One way out is to give birth to the second. And he, before he had time to pick us up from the maternity hospital, said: “Go ask when the next one is possible.”

However, the couple did not have a second heir, because in 2015 the star of “Sklifosovsky” announced that she had filed for divorce.

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