Sklifosovsky star Andrei Ilyin said that Elena Yakovleva behaves unpredictably on set

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In one of the capital’s clubs gathered not only almost all the heroes of the series “Sklifosovsky”(Producer – film company“ Russian ”), but also more than 300 people.

“Today we are filming a corporate party for the next anniversary of Sklif,” says the acting surgeon Gennady Krivitsky Andrey Ilyin. – We organized a holiday, which, unfortunately, can end quite dramatically… I joined the filming “Sklifosovsky“In the sixth season,” recalls the actor, “he has already watched this series. I think that viewers love him for the unexpected twists and turns that fill our history, for his truthfulness and humanity. After all, we have not only shown the work of physicians, but also complex destinies, all the heroes have their own, full life, full-fledged lines. I’m not afraid to say, we have a wonderful cast. And we are happy to work on this project, there is something to play. For me, “Sklif” is a great gift, it’s interesting to shoot. “

At first, the actor had a hard time entering the role, he could not master medical terminology for a long time. According to him, this is the same as forcing a firefighter to do ballet. I had to literally memorize some words, but now it became easier.

“Without consultants, we would not have been able to shoot,” admits Andrei Epifanovich. – You do not understand what a swab, clamp and other various devices, you do not know how to hold them. I have always had great reverence for doctors. I believe that these are the most dedicated and devoted people. And when he started filming, he realized that they give themselves completely to their work, otherwise it is impossible. Although I know that at the core of their doctors are quite cynical people – you can not pass everything through the heart, you can go crazy. Their cynicism is a kind of protection. I remember literally on the second day of filming, when he came to the project, my patient Krivitsky was brought a patient – a boy whose arrow hit his forehead. I do an MRI on him on a real device – 16 takes, everyone is nervous, forget the words, the sheet and it does not turn properly, the arrow falls off the boy’s forehead… In the pavilion heat – 50 degrees, everyone pours sweat. And I thought, maybe I should get out of this project because I can’t handle the basics. Such, alas, happens, tests on shootings happen serious. I’m afraid of blood, and there’s a lot of sham. As far as I know, all the medical stories in the series are taken from real hospital practice. We try to follow the recommendations of consultants. During the years of filming, for example, I learned to sew operations, and my hero does. One surgeon I know says that everything in the frame looks dignified and believable. It’s nice to hear. “

Photos from the filming of the tenth season of the series “Sklifosovsky”

Ilyin reminded that Krivitsky was almost gone in the ninth season – the hero was sent to work in Israel and he eventually returned from there. And one of the most difficult episodes for the actor was the avalanche in the eighth season. The heroes flew on a plane to the Caucasus resort to rest (the patient’s father made a gift to the doctors after they saved his daughter). And there was an earthquake, an avalanche…

“We filmed this scene in the suburbs of Moscow (mountains and avalanches were painted with the help of computer graphics),” recalls the actor. – There was no snow, a powerful windmill was working, scattering white paper flakes. We inhaled them in such a way that we picked out the papers from our noses and eyes for a few days, and then swallowed them. I had to be harsh, I fell into a hole. It was physically difficult, we worked without stuntmen, but nothing – we managed and the screen turned out to be quite believable. “

The viewer remembers: Andrei Ilyin and Elena Yakovleva have already played screen spouses in the series “Kamenskaya». In “Sklifosovsky” there is also a love line between their heroes – Krivitsky and Irina Alekseevna Pavlova. “There’s a long-standing relationship,” says Ilyin about the characters. – They are classmates who experienced the first love in student life, after which the heroes parted. My Krivitsky betrayed Irina, left to live in Israel, they have not seen each other for 30 years and finally met, the former feelings were revived. Then there was another discord – both have romances, life is constantly making unexpected turns. Krivitsky became a famous plastic surgeon, he is valued as a good professional. So I hope that in the tenth season we will be together with the heroine Yakovleva. Lena is a wonderful artist, but she needs to be “caught” on the site all the time, she is unpredictable and does not like to learn lyrics, she improvises all the time. But it makes it even more interesting to work with her. ”

Elena Yakovleva and Andrei Ilyin in the TV series “Sklifosovsky”

It is not easy for Krivitsky’s personal life to develop, but also for Ilyin himself. The actor became a father for the first time when he was over 50. His son Tikhon is now eight, he goes to school. “We were sitting with my wife, thinking what to call him. First, 20 names were selected, then reduced to 10, then – to 8, 6, two, – recalls Ilyin. – And so we met on Tikhon. He says he wants to be an inventor, a handsome boy. He looks like me, but his character is not easy, he likes to argue, he has his own opinion on everything, somewhere cunning, and somewhat naive. He knows I’m an actor. We went with him to children’s productions, he likes the theater, the atmosphere. I drove to my play “Hypnosis Session for a Couple”, I heard his laughter, although the play is not childish. He will follow in my footsteps, this is his right, I will not oppose. It is important for me that he is a smart, kind and honest person. He will choose acting – I will help as much as I can. “

… The actor’s name is in the frame, we end the conversation with him. Follow our future publications from the filming of the tenth season of the series “Sklifosovsky”.

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