Singer Natalia Vlasova began to have vision problems due to quarrels with her daughter

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Vlasova said that her daughter has reached a transitional age, so she has become more sensitive, hot-tempered and requires more attention.

The singer has always been very close to Pelageya, they spent a lot of time together. The girl is used to her mother listening to her at any moment and coming to her aid. And now Natalia simply does not have enough time for her daughter, which upsets her a lot.

The PR manager of the artist Andrei Karpov said that Vlasova is very responsible and never cancels scheduled meetings and projects. Recently, meetings with her daughter, the singer has to literally make a schedule, which led to conflicts.

Natalia admitted that against the background of fatigue, stress and a difficult family situation, her eyesight dropped sharply, and her eyes were constantly watering and sore. Doctors prescribed drops and antibiotics to the actress, but do not rule out that surgery may be required.

However, Vlasova hopes to do without surgery, and also intends to establish a relationship with the heiress in the near future.

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