Singer Marina Khlebnikova revealed the cause of the fire in her Moscow apartment

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56-year-old Russian singer Marina Khlebnikova on the air of the program “Hello, Andrei!” revealed the real cause of the fire in his Moscow apartment, writes KP.RU.

She said that for a long time the experts could not find the source of the fire – in the artist’s apartment twice conducted an examination. “And only when the drywall was torn off – there are two such charred black wires from an old-old halogen lamp, right upstairs,” she explained, noting that she is still tidying up the apartment. After the incident, one room has already been completely renovated.

She also said that she had burned only seven percent of her skin, not 70, as previously reported by the media. A skin graft was performed on her leg, and now it prevents her from walking, but the singer tries to walk her to get used to it faster.

Earlier, the singer Marina Khlebnikova, who was injured in the fire, said she wanted to return to the stage.

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