singer Lolita in Russia was silenced

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Miliavskaya does not want to remain silent, but there are no other options.

The 58-year-old star of the scene has always reacted very sharply to the environment, but now in a difficult time for Russia, Lolita has to remain silent – against her will and through force, because the wrong words can affect her family.

“I missed my mother’s 79th birthday because I can’t enter my homeland. I am in a terrible situation: any word I say will affect my family. If I start saying everything I think, it will come from all sides. I have relatives in my father’s line there, ”Lolita’s revelations are quoted StarHite.

It is noteworthy that just before Milyavskaya nothing prevented him from getting angry because of the price of sugar, which now, according to the singer, stands like the wing of an airplane.

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