Singer Leonid Agutin called to pray for peace

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Leonid Agutin’s two big shows became a bright holiday for his fans in the far from festive era. The singer himself could be convinced that the sympathy for his person has a tangible embodiment, namely, inaccessible to many colleagues sold out.

Probably both artists and spectators were able to look at each other with pride during these concerts. All of them endured numerous transfers and believed that sooner or later they would meet. In the new realities, the debate about the appropriateness of hits and dances, to put it mildly, does not subside, but as arguments and reproaches sound louder, the situation as a whole clears up. Most likely, there are no right and wrong people in the confrontation between those who are for cancellations and those who are in favor of holding cultural events in spite of everything. It is difficult for artists and promoters, regardless of their strategies, to make claims, especially if they do or do not do their job with dignity and a willingness to report to their own conscience rather than public opinion.

It is noteworthy that the atmosphere of the concerts, which still take place, has changed in some way. The audience still knows how to have fun, there are impressive queues in the cheap buffets, the sparkle of the eyes and the sparkling bubbles look very carefree. But being at the epicenter of such a movement, it is difficult not to feel a slight uncertainty. Will we meet in similar scenery in a couple of months? Will music save us from despondency, the approach of which is felt almost physically? So far, it is best to hide behind such questions and doubts behind the doors of concert halls.

What it looked like

Impressive, but unobtrusive. When staging the show, they decided to abandon multimedia and limited themselves to only two close-up monitors on the sides of the stage, which is not so much part of the performance as the basic equipment for a concert in a large hall. The main visual technique was rounded light panels, which somewhat resembled the arches of dance floors in parks. It can hardly be described as retro, but rather as a cunning stylization, because the management of the whole world was clearly provided by the most modern technologies.

Last year’s album “Turn on the Light” was once presented on the air of “Kvartirnik”, but the special concert program did not come. There is a suspicion that now the audience needs a perfect set list more than an active promotion of new songs, however, the singer is not afraid of the fact that he is not one hundred percent hits and performs them together with his crowning numbers.

And yet he is not afraid of words, without which now simply can not do. “We will be able to adequately look at everything that is happening now only after some time, which will put everything in its place. From the side. And now all normal people want the war to end as soon as possible. We will pray for peace to come soon, but for now we will do what we can and should do, ”the musician said at the beginning of the action and met with sincere support in return.

After that, the main role in the show is given to music and the audience took it as a binge. Already at the beginning of the concert, a bunch of “Half of the Heart” – “Lonely Island” provokes a flurry of emotions, and the whole subsequent concert of the audience should not be asked to applaud. One and a half dozen albums and many hits for different tastes place Leonid Agutin in the category of artists who do not find it so difficult to build the drama of the concert. They have everything for this: sentimental songs like “Father Next to You” (in this issue the musician’s father Nikolai Petrovich takes the stage and a generational duo is formed) and dance bombs like “Ole-Ole” (with rain of sequins and fireworks she produced a heartbreaking effect on the ground floor).

There were also rituals. “This song is thirty years old this year, and how well women sing it,” Leonid told the Barefoot Boy. “But men don’t usually sing it.” Then, of course, a spontaneous male choir sounds from the hall as an excuse and everything turns into universal jubilation. It is noteworthy that thirty years ago the hit was performed almost in acoustics, but at the same time incredibly shakes a very large hall.

For the finale and the encore, “On the Lilac Moon” and “You’ll Come Back Someday Again” are in store. The applause does not subside, not in the wardrobe to rush with all my might.


For the artist, whose career began in the late eighties of the last century, Leonid Agutin remains enviably relaxed. Of course, he understands his status, but does not seek to confirm it all the time. We can say that Agutin’s performances are generously filled with rock ‘n’ roll charm. On stage, he is still a guy with a guitar, he is not interested in heroic poses, and a sense of humor helps to avoid ridiculous pop pathos.

That is why the concert itself, despite the fact that there are many musicians on the stage and tuning the sound in this case is not an easy process, is easy and effortless. Leonid can start the song again if something confuses him and it does not look like a failure in the program, because the program itself is reduced to soulful hits, dances and choral singing, rather than a complex show that turns music into a circus.

Playing live concerts one hundred percent is not easy in the context of performing skills, but if the musicians can afford it, it makes it possible for them to make their skill the main part of the show. And Agutin’s concert is just the case when music can do without video art, which many have been clearly overestimating lately.


At one of his previous concerts in Moscow, Leonid pampered the audience with the guest participation of Angelika Varum. And this, of course, is expected on a regular basis. But this time it didn’t work out and “How Not To Think About You” sounded solo. It sounded quite convincing, but nostalgia for the family duo still left.

The phrase party

“I’ve been dancing to these songs since I was ten and I can’t stop everything,” said a young, but clearly not a student, packed in a playful dress with sequins on the way to the wardrobe. Many were in solidarity with her.

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