singer Jasmine will bankrupt her father’s legacy

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The actress will have to pay on debts that she did not take.

Choreographer Lev Manahimov died last August from complications after covid. Singer Jasmine and her brother inherited, nothing foreshadowed trouble, but now they have a summons. They want to shake 300 million rubles from the family, because its deceased head was a mortgagor in a large loan.

“If she inherited, she is also a defendant in debt. She may refuse, but if so, the debt will pass [дальше]”, – the lawyer told the PopCornNews portal without appeal Andrey Knyazev.

According to the expert, Jasmine had the opportunity to avoid the problems that would have befallen her if she had given up the inheritance, but at the time of the singer’s father’s death and could not imagine that she would have to pay his debts.

“If the court takes the side of the donor, then 300 million can be written off. Therefore, often people do not take the inheritance, give it up because it does not exceed the debts. There is no chance [долги не выплачивать]”, – the lawyer considers.

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