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Singer Jasmine reacted to information about her move from Russia: News: People

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Singer Jasmine reacted to the information about her move from Russia that appeared in the media. The celebrity’s comment was posted on his account Instagram.

The actress said that she really went to Israel with her children, but only during the holidays. Jasmine assured fans that she will return to Russia soon.

“In Israel is the grave of my father, who recently left us, and I still feel the need to visit him more often … In Israel, as you all know, I have a beloved grandmother, aunts, cousins, nephews, friends. It is no secret that my children and I love to spend part of our vacation in Israel and visit this country several times a year during the holidays at my children’s school, “the singer explained, urging not to look for reasons for her trip.

Earlier, rumors of his emigration were refuted by singer Alla Pugacheva and actor Sergei Bezrukov. The actress said that she went abroad on vacation and for treatment, and Bezrukov said that he was in Moscow.

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