Singer Hannah: “Pasha swears:” Why have I been sleeping alone for a month? “

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Hanna, 31, has admitted that she recently became interested in the Turkish TV series “Knock on my door.” However, it would seem that a harmless passion has a negative effect on her regime. “I’m so ashamed, guys! It’s a nightmare. I go to bed at three o’clock in the morning every day, ”the singer smiles.

Worst of all, soap operas began to spoil family relationships. “How is Pasha? He swears at me like that! – The artist admits. – He says: “What kind of wife are you? Why have I been sleeping alone for a month? ” We really have a little boil over this. For him, the series is very primitive, childish. He is not a romantic, so he is not happy. Pasha is really offended at me for not going to bed with him at night. “

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Despite her husband’s dissatisfaction, the singer is not going to give up telehit. According to Hannah, she has 20 more episodes to watch. “Well, that’s a little, only 20 hours, as I understand it,” – ironically noted the host of the show “Theme” channel RU.TV.

However, the most painful topic for the couple is home renovation. “It simply came to our notice then. He says, “We need parquet in the bedroom.” And I: “What a tree! We need a carpet. ” We argued about this every day for a month and a half and could not talk for a week. It seems to me that couples who have survived the renovation or construction of a house have passed a real test of love, “- said the artist.

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Hannah clarifies: these are just everyday misunderstandings that they quickly forget. Their union is strong also because they are both involved in music. The singer has repeatedly noted that Pasha inspires her to many ideas and projects.

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