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April 6 2:41 PM

Pop singer Eva Polna postponed concerts in Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk due to poor ticket sales. The singer told about it on her page on the social network.

“The situation with the concert business in our country is very deplorable and is not getting better. “She’s barely breathing.” I’m not going to throw dust in my eyes and come up with some fabulous reasons: it’s simple – tickets are poorly sold – the team can not perform in an empty hall. I am well aware that many people today are not up to songs and dances, some solve their everyday problems, and some are not interested in my work at all. I’m not offended or upset. This is the truth of life, “wrote Eva Polna.

Eva Polna’s speech was to take place on April 6. Now the concert in Krasnoyarsk will take place on May 12 in the Grand Hall “Siberia”, all purchased tickets are valid.