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On April 26, the journalist called the artist “gay” and “scum” on the air of the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the “Russia” channel.

“What Galkin is doing now, I’m already asking my friends, acquaintances, well, don’t send it to me, I can’t hear him pouring slop on Russia and the Russian army,” Simonyan was indignant.

The journalist also spoke about the artist’s wife Alla Pugacheva. “I don’t know if it’s possible to talk about it on the air or not, but I’ll say it because a person allows such things that I allow myself to say what I’ve always thought about him. When everyone knows for sure that he

gay, to avert his eyes, for personal enrichment, for a career path, marries an elderly woman and convinces all his not very trusting audience that they have real love.

Well, you understand the level of inner hypocrisy, lies. But, contagion, they are there for selection! “- she said.

“And you are such a person, a liar, you have nowhere to put your seal, you allow yourself to pour slop on my homeland, having no idea about anything, or about a military operation, or about geopolitics, or what the homeland is in general.

Well, what a scum! In the end, I will allow myself to tell the truth about them about everyone, “the journalist said sharply.

Simonyan also stressed that she will continue to defend the honor of her country and respond to scandalous statements by other stars: “Every time they allow themselves such … a burst of emotions, I will allow myself such a burst of emotions! Not for myself – they didn’t say anything about me – for the country! “

We will remind, Maxim Galkin immediately after the beginning of war in Ukraine took an anti-war position and declared it: “Since early morning on communication with relatives and friends from Ukraine! Not to convey in words how I feel! There is no war. ” At the end of February, Alla Pugacheva left Russia with Maxim Galkin and her children and went to Israel.

Recently, Russian humorist, TV presenter and showman Maxim Galkin recorded another video message on social networks. In it, he not only congratulated all Orthodox on Easter, but also asked a few questions about the recent missile strike on Odessa.

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