Shukshina’s daughter, who became a man, was urged not to disfigure herself

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The granddaughter of the famous writer and director disappointed the Russians.

Anna Tregubenko, the senior heiress of the Shukshin star family, gave up her creative career and chose her own path. Maria Vasilyevna’s 33-year-old daughter found her vocation in sports, or more precisely in bodybuilding.

Strength training so absorbed her that to enhance the effect, Anya even began to take male hormones. Unsurprisingly, there is no trace left of the fragile cute girl – fans are increasingly saddened that Anna “turned into a man” .. In his Instagram Tregubenko posts videos of exercises, either to show off an impressive form, or motivating subscribers to play sports .

However, not all of her followers were able to appreciate Anna’s transformation.

“Gopnik in the area”, “Oh, a man had to be born”, “Honestly, it’s too much”, “Return your feminine form, and then look like a man”, – lament in the comments.

However, Vasily Shukshin’s granddaughter is not angry with haters and “benefactors”. In the program “Stars met” she said that for the first time in her life “high from what she does.”

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