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Shukshina: “Why did Patriot Urgant start dealing with his real estate upon arrival?”

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Rumors about Ivan Urgant’s move abroad have been circulating for a long time. The showman’s father tries to smooth things over, noting that his son is focused on family and work, so he doesn’t get in touch. But the public does not pay attention to the words of Andrei Lvovich.

Every day new facts about Ivan’s emigration appear. So Maria Shukshina added fuel to the fire. I don’t know why Urgant, an “evening patriot”, started his real estate after arriving from Israel, and not something that could benefit our country, I don’t know. They, the “great patriots”, know better! ” – The 54-year-old actress was indignant, alluding to Dmitry Peskov’s recent statement.

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It will be recalled that a few days ago the president’s press secretary stated that he did not condemn those who left the country for fear or not realizing the new political reality. “I know Urgant very well, he is a great patriot. He may have his own point of view. No need to slander people, no need to write them in the “fifth column”. By no means! ” – said Dmitry Sergeevich.

In 2018, Ivan received Israeli citizenship. It is said that in the near future the TV presenter will move to a hot country for good, because he put up for sale a house near Moscow in “Gorki-10” and an apartment in Moscow City.

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If the 43-year-old artist is silent about leaving, he commented on the resumption of his show. According to the showman, the shooting of “Evening Urgant” is about to resume. So who is misleading the public – Ivan’s father, who wants to protect him from gossip, or the host himself, who wants to hide his true intentions?


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