Sholokhov district court fined 50,000 rubles resident of Bokovskaya village for posting on his Internet account |

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The Sholokhov District Court fined a resident of the village of Bokovskaya 50,000 rubles for posting on his Internet account, where he “showed disrespect for society and the state of the Russian Federation.”

Donchanin was found guilty of the third part of the article of the Administrative Code on petty hooliganism: it is about spreading information on the Internet, expressing in an indecent manner disrespect for society and the state.

The man published the post on February 24, and a report was drawn up on it the next day. He pleaded not guilty and asked to close the case, as, according to the accused, his actions did not constitute an administrative offense. The man said that the post was an expression of his opinion on the events, and he, being a citizen of the Russian Federation, “has the right to publicly express his disagreement with Russia’s foreign policy.”

The decision has not yet entered into force.

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