Shnurov lost his job on the top channel

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The artist is tired of adjusting to everyone.

Sergei Shnurov is used to talking directly about his position and does not like to adapt to others. So he decided to resign as RTVI’s general producer.

According to the artist, he does not want his opinion to be interpreted as the opinion of the entire editorial board. And apparently, it is very different from the opinion of colleagues.

“I have decided to focus on developing my own music projects, so in the current situation I want to announce a temporary self-removal from the post of general producer of RTVI. In the context of current events, my opinion may not coincide with the editorial policy of RTVI, not wanting to in any way, even indirectly, influence the image and information policy of RTVI, I decided to temporarily terminate cooperation with the channel, “- explained Шнуров.

The channel’s leaders were sympathetic to the statement.

After the last tour of Russia, the group “Leningrad” almost ceased to exist. Now Shnurov devotes all his time to the Zoya project and his young wife.

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